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  • MingleBox’s Second Round of Funding

    If you are from the investment industry, you are probably aware of MingleBox’s second round of funding (raised around 3 months back) The funding news was never made public, but confirmed sources tell us that MingleBox did raise it’s second round of funding from a Bangalore based venture arm (no, not sequoia, but a lesser […] More

  • Mobile Handset Replacement Market in India

    The mobile handset replacement market is booming in India and as per ICA (Indian Cellular Association), the estimated market size is approximately around 2.5 million handsets. Handset Market Stats The total cellular phone market in India is pegged at Rs. 70,000 crore a year 50% of Indians are on ULCH (ultra low cost handsets) Sales […] More

  • Weekly Recap of Interesting articles

    Recap of few interesting articles published week ending Nov 16th. [+] indicates articles that had good discussions/insights. Highly Recommended Articles How Should Startups conduct Usability Testing? [+++] Demystifying Online Advertising Network Business – Strategy, Indian Opportunity [+++] Indian Railways API for Ticket Booking [++] Startups Profiled LatLong- More

  • Fortune 100: World’s Most Accountable Companies – None from India

    Fortune has published world’s 100 accountable companies and surprisingly, none of the Indian companies were able to secure their position. The criteria to select these companies was based on the quality of their commitment to social and environmental goals. Last year, there were 7 Indian companies More

  • Chandrayaan Enters Lunar Orbit

    This is surely a great moment for all Indians – Chandrayaan has entered the lunar orbit successfully and ISRO has declared the India’s moon mission successful! Watch this video More

  • Recession & Valleywag – What’s the future of Blogging?

    Recession will see many of your fav products/companies/blogs shutting shop/stopping their service. The first one to join the list is valleywag – one of the most amazing blog with a great sense of humor (a personal all-time favorite) . Though VW is not More

  • Indian Railways API for Ticket Booking – Too strict for a startup?

    Indian Railways opened up it’s ticket booking APIs a few weeks back and here are some fine prints that you need to understand: Must have minimum annual turnover (i.e. Gross transaction value) of Rs.5 crore in last financial year from Travel business. The OTA will be required to submit a one time non refundable deposit […] More

  • Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund secures 75 crore for Investment in IT sector

    Rajasthan Venture Capital fund, the investment arm of Rajasthan Assest Management Company has raised Rs. 75 crores for investment in IT sector. ..the new fund would undertake individual investment in the range of Rs one crore to Rs 25 crore. “The fund will provide both start-up and growth capital to companies with focus on IT/ITES, […] More

  • Microsoft Displaces Google – MSN Toolbar Bundled with Java Downloader

    Google earlier forged a deal with Sun in 2005 to bundle it’s toolbar in the Java downloader and three years later, Sun has dropped Google for Microsoft. Java downloader now will have Microsoft’s toolbar which includes Live search – the toolbar will also be included in future JRE updates. Through this agreement, Internet Explorer users […] More

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